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Photos by Yo

Yo is one of my high school students here in Bangkok, Thailand. I am posting some of her photos here to encourage her interest in photography. Comments, encouragement, and constructive criticism would be appreciated.. She’s a great student and, in my humble opinion, has a good eye for photography.

She’s found some really great spots for these types of photos. You can’t see the shadow of the girl in any of these, or if you can, barely at all.

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Ceremonial Dagger

  • Dated: mid-19th Century
  • Culture: Italian

The dagger has a straight, double-edged blade, ribbed at the tip and with three deep grooves. The tang is slightly thickened, and almost the entire surface is engraved with floral motifs. It features a brass hilt picturing a skeleton wearing a tunic, while the guard features is a snake in-the-round. Comes together with a velvet-covered wooden sheath with brass mounts decorated with bas-relieved leaf patterns.

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